Our mission: To be able to use the sun everywhere without danger!

We filter optical rays (natural and artificial sunlight) and take our cue from the naturally filtering ozone shield – only much more accurate and reliable.

How did Sunexx come into being?

In 2001, the company’s founder Klaus Lang came up with the idea of developing a solar filter system to use only the best properties of the sun. After successfully completing numerous medical tests, the filter technology was named “HelioVital” in 2005.

The sunshade and tanning tent – a combination of beach mat and healthy shade provider was the first product sold to end customers. Klaus Lang has received numerous awards for his pioneering ideas and products. In 2010, for example, he was already honoured for his pioneering innovations by the then Federal President Horst Köhler.

Since 2010, research has been conducted on the further ambitious goal of glazing material for architecture, plant growth, and irradiation devices – for the targeted use of light.
The unique effects in the protective effect and of health- as well as growth-promoting photobiological processes through the filtered natural sunlight motivated.

After extensive research and many years of testing, we succeeded in developing a further material innovation, which from now on, as a glazing material for buildings and greenhouses, will enable decisive biological light advantages in rooms.
In order to meet the increasing market demands worldwide, Sunexx GmbH was founded.

Sunexx is the completion of the proven protective HelioVital filter innovation in glass and reliably brings the pure natural sun into rooms for healthy living and working environments.

Klaus Lang SEO Sunexx GmbH

“Our task is to use the best of the elixir of life, the sun, in a compatible way and without harmful components.”
Klaus Lang – Managing Director / CEO

Sunexx solar filter technology

Sunexx is a pioneering key technology for protection against harmful solar rays – and this with simultaneous targeted use of the sun’s biopositive energy.

The harmful UV rays that are responsible for sunburn, skin cancer, accelerated skin ageing, the formation of free radicals, mutation of mitochondrial DNA and allergic reactions are selectively filtered so that they do not even reach the skin, hair and eyes.

However, the biopositive radiation components remain. This means that in the Sunexx shade you can enjoy the energy of the sun without worrying, tan and simply get the best out of the sun. The optional heat reflection with its cooling shadow effect ensures a special feeling of well-being.

system /principle of Sunexx

Effectively filter harmful radiation to benefit from the best of the sun.

Sunexx key technology

Due to climate change, environmental pollution, the hole in the ozone layer and our individual lifestyles, the harmful components of sunlight have increased or we have become more sensitive. The proven sun filter technology from Sunexx provides targeted protection against such damage.

The Sunexx key technology represents the symbiosis of technology and natural science. It creates optimal lighting conditions for healthy living and working environments and optimal plant growth.

Advantages of filter technology:

The trend-setting innovation for the targeted customized use of healty and natural sunlight.


The trend-setting innovation for the use of natural and healthy sunlight.

Optimum heat reduction

Comfortable temperature due to heat reflection.

Healthy sunlight

Preservation of the biopositive radiation components of the sun.

Optimal microclimate

Healthy living environment for people, animals, and plants.

Healthy and compatible microclimate

Sunexx key technology

Humans, animals, and plants need an evolutionary-biologically optimal microclimate. We create a microclimate similar to an artificial ozone layer with nanometre precision and constant filtration against the harmful effects of the sun and other negative environmental influences.

Our research partner (excerpt):

Scientific publications (excerpt):

Sunexx Dermalglas UV Durchlässigkeit

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2022 - our research in Springer Nature journal: "Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences".

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