Sun is Life

Pure Harness is the CO2-neutral power of the sun for health-related benefits, well-being and good looks.

Viruses - Bacteria - Healing

Use antiviral & antibacterial effects as well as the proven natural healing power of the sun.

Pure beauty & pleasure

Relaxed sunbathing and feel good in the safe shade (without sunburn, skin cancer, skin aging, allergies).

Vacations with healing power from nature

In Madeira, recharge your batteries with natural therapies and enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean from the Ayurveda room.

Healthy and natural light in rooms

Exclusive and luxurious living on the coast of Japan. Relax and regenerate with healthy natural light.

Pure leisure - healthy living

The perfect winter garden with built-in Dermalglas® – create a healthy oasis of well-being or greenhouse and expand living space

Terraces to feel good

Enjoy the sun without worries on your glazed terrace under Sunexx quality glass.

Healthy living & working environments

Healthy living and working environments by preserving the bio-positive radiation components of the sun and creating the optimal microclimate for people, animals, and plants.

Optimal climate for plants

Optimization of plant growth and organic quality by promoting evolution-biologically optimal microclimate through filtration of harmful solar influences.

The sunlight –
creative energy for life

Sunlight – the creative energy for life and biodiversity on earth – has numerous health-promoting, vitality-giving, performance-enhancing and regulating effects on the human organism and on plants.
Life without the sun is unimaginable. Humans, animals and plants react very sensitively to individual wavelengths of sunlight – especially in the UV range – which triggers photobiological effects. If these wavelengths are missing or if the dose falls below or exceeds these wavelengths in an unnatural way, the desired effects such as the formation of vitamin D, NO synthase, the happiness hormone, inactivation of viruses, tanning are not triggered, or undesired effects such as sunburn, skin cancer, accelerated skin aging, production of free radicals are triggered.

Elixir of life sun for indoor generation

People spend up to 90% of their time in closed rooms without the most important photobiological rays of natural sunlight.

Sunexx brings back the necessary power of the sun into the rooms, so that the people, animals and plants in the spaces get what you need from nature. 

Sunexx – Innovation Sunlight
Enjoy the sun without worries!

The trend-setting innovations for the targeted customized use of natural sunlight.


Healthy light for your living and working spaces. Rooms flooded with natural full-spectrum light stimulates the body’s own vitamin D and kill/reduce viruses and bacteria.


Thanks to innovative glass pane systems, enjoy a healthy tan and vitalizing powers of the sun in your own home, garden, winter garden, under your terrace, or glass house.


Harnessing the healing power of the sun! Filter technology for safe use of healing sunlight. (Therapy facilities, irradiation equipment, cures).


Create biopositive sunlight for your plants and animals. (Greenhouses, plant lighting, animal husbandry).

Sun filter technology from Sunexx

Sunexx is a pioneering key technology for protection against harmful solar rays – and this with simultaneous targeted use of the sun’s bio-positive energy.

The harmful UV rays responsible for sunburn, skin cancer, accelerated skin aging, formation of free radicals, mutation of mitochondrial DNA, and allergic reactions are selectively filtered so that they do not reach the skin, hair, and eyes.

However, the bio-positive radiation components remain. This means that in the Sunexx shade you can enjoy the energy of the sun without any worries, tan, and simply get the best out of the sun. The optional heat reflection with its cooling shadow effect ensures a special feeling of well-being.

Sunexx view on edge of glass

Sunexx - the completion of the filter innovation

Sunexx is the further development and completion of the filter innovation in glass developed by Klaus Lang and proven worldwide. Sunexx reliably brings the pure natural sun into rooms for healthy living spaces and work environments.

The Sunexx key technology represents the symbiosis of technology and natural science. It creates optimal lighting conditions for healthy living and working environments and optimal plant growth.

Due to climate change, environmental pollution, the hole in the ozone layer, and our individual lifestyle, the harmful components of sunlight have increased or we have become more sensitive. The proven sun filter technology from Sunexx provides targeted protection against such damage.

Sunexx filtration principle

Trend-setting key technology of the Sunexx filter innovation. Let the Sunexx specialists advise you. We are sure to have the right sunny solution for your individual needs.

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Our customer reviews

Expert talk with Professor Dr. Jörg Spitz

Plain and simple the product of Sunexx allows us to live a species-appropriate life, a species-appropriate enjoyment of the sun, therefore we are better off with this product.”
(Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz)


“Creating a healthy workplace where our employees benefit from the influence of healthy light during working hours is our goal.”
(Michael Gfrörer)